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Your Buildings as a Mission Resource

Out beyond our churches’ buildings, all other buildings get upgraded from time to time. Retail, banks, town halls, theatres, even parks and urban spaces, each gets improved. Why? Why do organisations spend money on this?
Retail knows that it attracts customers and is essential to succeed. Councils know that it benefits society at large and ratepayers locally to improve public facilities. Property changes reap rewards.


Praying for Help


THE DECLINE IN AUSTRALIA’S VOLUNTEER RATES HAS CHURCHES AND NFPS SEARCHING FOR INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS​.  It’s a sad irony that volunteer rates have dropped drastically in the last two years.

During a time when Australians depend on the support of their church and charity organisations more than ever, these vital community services are struggling to find the people power they need to operate.

Church Safety

Safe Churches

In churches today, there is great emphasis on Safe Ministry programs, and depending on your church or denomination, volunteers might be required to attend safe training courses, complete extensive questionnaires, provide referees and state-based ‘Working with Children’ checks. Some will even need to get a full Police background check. Investigations such as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse have shown that the church has experienced system-wide failures; failing to properly reduce the risk of harm to vulnerable people and failing to respond appropriately to incidents of harm within church programs and communities.


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